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  1. Penny and her husband Jeff are, by far, the best Golden breeders we have had the pleasure to work with. We received a beautiful healthy boy (Moses- aka Thomas Jefferson) last summer. The litter was born on 7/3/2018 (Happy Birthday litter mates!). Parents were Lily and Cayman. He is our 4th golden over the years. As long as Penny and Jeff are breeding, we will NOT be getting our next golden from any other breeder! Moses was exposed to so many situations (including music, children, toys, potty training, and too many others to list) before we took him home that we noticed he was “way ahead of the curve” compared to our other golden puppies. He was big, handsome, healthy, confident and very smart!
    Penny and Jeff are clearly NOT in the business for the money. They are definitely in it for all the right reasons. They are not only vested and VERY supportive of their dogs and puppies but also very concerned with maintaining and improving the breed as a whole. Penny has been a source of information and support since we took Moses home. We can’t honestly say that about some of the prior breeders we have worked with. We are fortunate and blessed to have received a golden from Penny and Jeff. You won’t be disappointed if you choose to work with Penny and Jeff too!

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